As temps drop, we’ll help you keep Warm In, Winter Out

Now that Starkville has transitioned to cooler weather, customers are turning on the heat to warm their homes. As we anticipate further drops in temperature, now is the perfect time to take a few simple steps to improve energy efficiency and save money.

There are many routes that warm air can follow to escape your home — around windows and doors, through the chimney and through ceiling attic doors, to name just a few. Sealing those routes not only prevents heat from being wasted but also means your heater can run less often.

Setting thermostats at 68°F and opening windows to benefit from solar heat are equally good ways to lower utility costs while staying comfortable.

Routine maintenance checks by qualified HVAC professionals are also worthwhile investments to keep your system running safely and efficiently throughout the year.

In many ways, improving energy efficiency is about the long game and making small adjustments every day that eventually add up to noticeable savings over time. Please read our Warm In, Winter Out news release to learn more about easy, cost-effective strategies to lower heating bills.

Terry Kemp
General Manager

We are a Water and Electric Utilities Company in Starkville