At Starkville Utilities, we operate as efficiently as possible to help ensure our water and sewer rates remain affordable and competitive. For a look at our rate schedule, including base charges and the minimum monthly bill, see below.

Water Rates: Residential and Commercial

Effective October 2020

  • $4.50 Water Base Rate
  • $4.50 Sewer Base Rate
  • $4.15 per 1000 gallons
    1st 1000 gallons is included in the base rate


Water and sewer usage will be billed as the same amount.

Water Rate Adjustment

Starkville’s Mayor and Board of Aldermen have approved a water rate adjustment that will help generate revenues for capital improvement projects and ensure Starkville’s water and sewer infrastructure is well prepared for the future. Learn more about our proactive plan to ensure safe, reliable water and sewer services for years to come.

Water Rate Adjustment

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