Terry Kemp
General Manager, Starkville Utilities

Terry Kemp is the general manager for Starkville Utilities, a public utility serving 14,000 residences, businesses and industries in Starkville, Mississippi as well as Mississippi State University. Its mission is to supply safe, reliable, and cost-effective electric and water service of superior quality and value that improves the lives of its customers.
No Matter the Challenge,
Starkville Utilities is Committed to Customers

This year has been filled with unprecedented, unforeseen challenges that have affected all of us in profound ways. Since March, we’ve dealt with a pandemic that continues to take a toll on many families in our community. Our hearts go out to everyone affected by COVID-19 – particularly those in the health care workforce – as we work together to stay safe and healthy.

Along with challenges have come many learning opportunities for Starkville Utilities that will help us improve and better serve customers. With decades of experience in emergency preparedness and response, our employees were on the job every day this year, ensuring that customers have the utility services required to succeed in their new virtual work, and school environments.

When many customers began experiencing financial hardships related to the pandemic, we relaxed our cut-off policy and worked with them on payment plans to help keep their accounts in good standing. We also partnered with TVA to donate $20,000.00 to local nonprofits to support their pandemic relief efforts.

While adjusting to a new normal, we’ve stayed focused on accomplishing goals and upholding our commitment to customer service. A highlight was launching the Renew Principle, a comprehensive strategy to improve performance and strengthen customer relationships. We also made progress on our Future FOCUS initiative by keeping infrastructure upgrades on track to serve Starkville’s current and future needs. And we broke ground on a consolidated operations center in our preparations for the future.

And while we certainly made progress, we know there’s room for improvement. Our teams are working hard to address all dimensions of performance so that we not only meet but exceed customer expectations. In coming weeks, we will be introducing new products and technologies, pursing operational excellence, improving the quality of life in our community, and working to anticipate the needs of the future.

For certain, we know exciting and challenging times await us in 2021, but more than ever we are confident with the team, culture and enthusiasm we have – Starkville Utilities has never been better positioned to meet these times.

Our primary focus will be to build upon the foundations of our organization. We will continue to ensure provision of quality products, improved service and innovation in every area we operate, heralding a new era which we are confident will have a positive impact on our customers and our community.

We thank our customers for their support and loyalty, and we wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a happy, healthy and safe new year.

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