Keep the holidays scam-free with tips from Starkville Utilities

As Starkville residents turn their attention to decorations, wrapping paper, parties and gifts, it’s important to be mindful that scammers are preparing for the holidays, too.

While fraudulent activities tend to increase this time of year, there are steps we can take to avoid falling victim to scammers. It starts by protecting our personal and financial information and never sharing it with anyone, whether online, on the phone or in person.

There are cases where scammers pose as utility representatives and demand immediate payments by threatening to disconnect service. That has never been how we do business at Starkville Utilities. That’s why we’re also reminding customers about the protocols we follow to protect their information and process bill payments.

Engaging more with customers is part of our Renew Principle commitment to improve service and responsiveness. Please read our holiday scam awareness release for more tips on how to recognize and resist scams.

Terry Kemp
General Manager

We are a Water and Electric Utilities Company in Starkville