Our workforce is powered by continuous training, learning and growth

At Starkville Utilities, we often talk about the investments we’re making in infrastructure upgrades to better serve customers and prepare for the future. But there’s another investment we make that’s just as important — our investment in employees.

Our mission is providing safe, reliable and affordable electric and water services to power Starkville’s growth. Carrying out that mission requires a team of utility professionals who perform a variety of specialized tasks every day to stay safe, serve customers and keep utilities flowing 24/7.

Not only must they prove their mastery of skills at each stage of their career progression, but they also must be up to the challenge of continually learning new technologies and seeking better, more efficient ways to operate our utility systems. And when outages do occur, they must be prepared to respond quickly and safely to restore service.

Helping others while serving our community is a defining aspect of our work culture. In many cases, senior employees provide coaching and on-the-job training to help newer employees build skills and take on more responsibilities in a safe, supervised environment.

Thanks to their focus and dedication, Starkville Utilities has built an excellent safety record as well as a consistently high reliability rate for electrical service and a stellar regulatory compliance record for our water and wastewater systems.

After more than 45 years in the utility business, one thing I know for certain is that doing it right takes a devoted team of professionals who are committed to continuous improvement and serving others. That sums up our workforce at Starkville Utilities.

Terry Kemp
General Manager

We are a Water and Electric Utilities Company in Starkville