Starkville Utilities Cautions Customers to Be Aware of Scam Artists

Be vigilant, stay informed and guard your personal information, officials say

Starkville Utilities is urging customers, especially the elderly and handicapped, to be aware of people posing as utility employees with the apparent motive to rob or swindle them.

Last week an individual posing as a Starkville Utilities representative attempted to collect payment for an electric bill at a customer’s house.

The utility is also aware of situations where customers receive calls from individuals threatening to disconnect their electric service unless payment information is provided over the telephone.

“We see this sort of thing every year about this time,” said Terry Kemp, general manager for Starkville Utilities. “During the COVID-19 pandemic, we’ve seen scammers become more creative and aggressive. The only way to protect yourself is to be vigilant, stay informed and guard your personal information.”

Customers can avoid becoming victims by remembering these facts:

  • Starkville Utilities offers several ways to pay utility bills:
    • By mail
    • Online using echecks or credit cards
    • Automatic bank draft
    • In-person or via drop box at 200 N. Lafayette Street
  • Starkville Utilities employees do not go door-to-door collecting money from customers.
  • Starkville Utilities employees do not do energy checks.
  • Starkville Utilities representatives travel in marked vehicles and wear clothing that associates them with the utility.
  • Utility employees carry photo identification cards. Ask for these cards or call 662-323-3133.
  • Do not let suspicious individuals into your home! Call 911 immediately and then contact Starkville Utilities.
“Modern scam artists use increasingly sophisticated and intimidating tactics,” said Kemp. “They thrive on changes in the environment and look for opportunities to take advantage of unrest and uncertainty.”
“Remember, you do not have to sign anything or give personal information to anyone calling you on the phone, sending you an email or showing up at your door,” he said. “If you feel something’s not quite right about the situation, call 911 and Starkville Utilities immediately.”

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