Avoid Rising Postage Costs with Paperless Billing

Electronic payments on our online portal are safe, fast and free

On July 9, the price of a postage stamp will increase for the second time this year, to 66 cents for first-class mail—but that won’t impact Starkville Utilities customers who use paperless billing.

Paperless billing allows customers to save money on postage and gain peace of mind that payments have been received and posted to their accounts. Sign-up is free, and customers will receive a $2 credit on monthly bills for going paperless.

“Paperless billing adds value to our service through increased convenience and cost savings,” said Edward Kemp, Starkville Utilities general manager. “Customers also have 24/7 access to their accounts and tools to monitor their utility usage and billing history. It’s a safe, secure way to do business with Starkville Utilities.”

Electronic bills always arrive on schedule and aren’t affected by weather, mail delays or other factors outside of Starkville Utilities’ control. The same applies to electronic payments, which post immediately to customers’ accounts and help avoid late fees.

With paperless billing, customers receive email notifications when bills are available. When ready to pay, they simply click a link to the online customer portal to complete the transaction.

In addition to paperless billing, customers can sign up for automated payments; pay bills electronically by phone, bank draft or e-check; or pay in person at Starkville Utilities’ office, drive-through, kiosk or drop box.

“Customers appreciate being able to choose an option they’re most comfortable with,” Kemp said. “If anyone needs assistance or has questions about our programs or services, we encourage them to contact Starkville Utilities.”

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