Work Set to Begin on Rolling Hills and Green Oaks Sewer System Upgrades

Capital investments are part of Future FOCUS initiative to benefit customers

Starkville Utilities will soon launch the next phase of infrastructure improvements that will provide customers in Rolling Hills and Green Oaks neighborhoods with a modernized sewer system. Investments are a key driver of Starkville Utilities’ Future FOCUS initiative to provide safe, reliable, affordable utilities for customers now and well into the future.

“We’re pleased to report that our infrastructure projects have progressed on budget and on schedule with minimal impacts to customers,” said Edward Kemp, general manager of Starkville Utilities. “We plan to keep communications in the forefront to ensure that work proceeds safely and that residents in Rolling Hills and Green Oaks know what to expect during every phase.”

As done in previous projects, crews will use a minimally invasive “rehab in place” process to refurbish around 27,700 feet of sewer mains. The technology, which eliminates the need to dig up pipes or suspend service while work is in progress, involves inserting a plastic liner inside of existing pipes to create a jointless, seamless, fully integrated and intact sewer system.

Suncoast Infrastructure, Inc., of Florence, Mississippi, which performed previous phases of the sewer upgrade, submitted the lowest bid of $1.6 million for the contract. The project scope covers the replacement of Rolling Hills’ sewer system and completion of the third phase of Green Oaks’ sewer upgrade.

Crews also plan to rehab or replace around 140 manholes and install several new ones in both neighborhoods. Work will include raising rims to improve access for maintenance, installing internal seals to keep groundwater out, replacing degraded frames and covers, and spraying interiors with a corrosion-resistant coating.

“We plan to inform customers in advance if workers need to access yards or if their service will be affected,” said Bailey Wofford, a system engineer for Starkville Utilities. “Crews will be using door hangers and fliers to keep residents informed and to provide contact information in case they have questions or concerns.”

If small-scale excavations are necessary on customer property, Starkville Utilities will ensure that work areas are completely restored to their original condition. Outages are not expected, but if they occur, crews will make every effort to quickly restore service.

Starkville Utilities will routinely email project timelines to residents to keep them updated on where and when crews plan to work each day. The project team also created two email accounts that residents can use to submit questions and comments to Starkville Utilities:

Rolling Hills residents:

Green Oaks residents:

Work kick offs in July when crews clean the sewer mains in Rolling Hills and Green Oaks to prepare for liner installation. Project planners expect all work and final inspections to be completed by the end of the year.

As part of its five-year capital improvement plan, Starkville Utilities is investing more than $25 million to replace aging portions of the city’s water and sewer services and update critical components at its wastewater treatment facility.

“When these capital improvements are complete, customers will be served by one of the best water and sewer systems in Mississippi,” Kemp said. “As part of our Renew Principle initiative, we’re focused on addressing current needs while keeping an eye on the future. We think that’s the right combination to responsibly manage Starkville’s infrastructure today and for generations to come.”

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