Starkville Utilities’ 2021 Water Quality Report Now Available

Consumer Confidence Report reinforces commitment to safe drinking water

An important part of Starkville Utilities’ mission is delivering safe, reliable drinking water that complies with all regulatory standards. In support of that mission, the utility is informing customers that the utility’s 2021 Consumer Confidence Report is now available.

“We go above and beyond in our operations to ensure that Starkville’s drinking water is always safe to consume,” said Sean Johnston, chief water operator for Starkville Utilities. “We think it’s important for customers to know about their drinking water and how we work around the clock to ensure the city’s drinking water supply follows all health and safety guidelines.”

The report is available at

For more information about the Consumer Confidence Report or Starkville Utilities’ water service, contact Johnston at 662-323-3133.

Last year, Starkville Utilities processed and delivered more than 964 million gallons of safe drinking water to homes and businesses throughout the community.

“We are committed to continuous improvement in everything we do,” said Edward Kemp, general manager of Starkville Utilities. “Our work team has established an excellent track record for Starkville’s drinking water through a daily focus on safety, quality and service, and we look forward to building upon our achievements in the future.”

Starkville Utilities is a public utility serving 14,000 residences, businesses and industries in Starkville, Mississippi as well as Mississippi State University. Its mission is to supply safe, reliable, and cost-effective electric and water service of superior quality and value that improves the lives of its customers.

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