DNA Underground, LLC Awarded Contract for Downtown Water System Upgrade

Gulfport-based contractor will start work soon on Lampkin-Main project

Starkville’s Mayor and Board of Alderman have awarded the contract for the Lampkin-Main water system upgrade to DNA Underground, LLC, an excavating contractor company based in Gulfport, Mississippi.

DNA Underground, LLC’s bid of approximately $2.5 million, the lowest of three bids submitted for the project, was approved by the board at its March 7 meeting.

“We thoroughly reviewed all bid proposals to make sure they meet our project specifications for a variety of performance areas,” said Edward Kemp, general manager of Starkville Utilities. “We feel DNA Underground, LLC is the best choice for Starkville Utilities customers based on cost, quality and long-term value.”

When the contract is executed, Starkville Utilities will meet with DNA Underground, LLC to develop a detailed project schedule and complete other required steps for work to proceed. Construction is expected to begin this Spring and last approximately nine months.

Throughout design and planning phases, Starkville Utilities has prioritized proactive communications to keep customers and the community informed. Last November, Starkville Utilities invited downtown businesses and property owners to an open house in the City Hall Courtroom to learn more about the construction project.

Starkville Utilities also created an email account through which customers can receive ongoing project updates such as schedules and traffic/parking impacts. Sign up by emailing

During the project, crews plan to install new water mains and replace undersized sewer components with most of the work focused in three areas: Main Street from City Hall to Jackson Street; Lampkin Street from Washington to Montgomery streets; and Washington and Jackson, both from Main to Lampkin.

“Once the project is complete, our customers will notice significant improvements in their water service,” said Mary Williams, capital projects manager for Starkville Utilities. “The upgrade will minimize leaks and other service issues, and our new lines are designed to handle higher pressures, which will benefit businesses in the area.”

Starkville Utilities designed the project to minimize impacts to customers, pedestrians and traffic flow. Because work will involve excavating pavement to install new water lines, portions of the project will require lane closures and affect parking areas. Traffic-control measures will be used to enhance driver and pedestrian safety.

In addition to upgrading and modernizing underground infrastructure, the Lampkin-Main project will set the stage for a series of street, sidewalk and landscaping improvements planned for the downtown area later this year.

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