Keeping Warm During Winter Storm Could Mean Higher Bills

Starkville Utilities pledges to work with customers on payment options

STARKVILLE – As weather conditions return to normal, Starkville Utilities is warning customers that energy and water usage during last week’s winter storm may result in higher utility bills.

“It’s not often that we experience single-digit temperatures and icy conditions for several days in a row,” said Terry Kemp, general manager of Starkville Utilities. “Customers had to use more electricity to stay warm and more water to ensure that pipes didn’t freeze, both of which will result in higher-than-usual bills.”

To help customers manage the financial impacts of the storm, Starkville Utilities offers a variety of payment options. Customers are encouraged to contact Starkville Utilities at 662-323-3133 to speak with a customer service representative about payment plans that fit their budget.

Starkville Utilities also shares tips to help customers improve energy efficiency and better manage energy costs during cold and hot weather.

Kemp noted that water and power outages were minimal during the cold snap, thanks to Starkville Utilities’ storm-response preparations and ongoing investments in infrastructure and reliability improvements.

Starkville Utilities is a municipally owned and operated electric and water utility, serving more than 14,000 residences, businesses and industries in Starkville as well as the state’s largest institution of higher learning, Mississippi State University.

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