Starkville Utilities Makes it Easy to Go Green

Customers can invest in renewable energy for as little as $2 a month

They say it’s not easy being green. But with Starkville Utilities’ new Green Power Switch partnership with TVA, investing in clean “green” energy is easier than ever.

For less than you’d spend on a single cup of coffee, you can make a monthly investment in renewable energy to help reduce your carbon footprint and benefit the local environment.

The Green Power Switch program ensures that a portion of regional electric service, including service to Starkville customers, comes from renewable wind, solar and biomass resources.

“We know that many of our customers love the outdoors and are passionate about our area’s natural beauty,” said Terry Kemp, Starkville Utilities general manager. “That’s why we’re partnering with TVA to provide a clean-energy program for customers that helps them protect the place we call home.”

Signing up for Green Power Switch is easy. Simply visit the program’s website, click on the Get Started button and follow the prompts. By taking advantage of the Green Power Purchase Calculator, you can find out exactly what your carbon footprint reduction will mean.

For example, if a typical electric customer using 1,200 kWh per month matches 25 percent of their usage with green power, they are reducing their carbon output by the equivalent of 20 gallons of gasoline, 195 pounds of coal or driving 433 miles — savings that can make a real impact in the long run.

“We’re committed to providing our customers with safe, affordable and reliable power,” said Kemp, “and with Green Power Switch, we’re adding a renewable energy option that can positively impact our area for generations to come.”

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