Make Your Resolutions Reality

How’s your list coming along?

Just a few weeks ago, we were welcoming a new year and looking forward to new starts… reflecting upon the past and making plans for the future. With 2022 well underway, this is a good time to check in on resolutions and, if necessary, get some help on following through.

If your goal is to take charge of your budget, Starkville Utilities has a variety of payment programs that match your financial preferences. They include Pick A Due Date, which allows customers to tell us when they’d like to receive their monthly bills; and Levelized Billing, which makes bills more consistent throughout the year—an advantage if you’re on a tight budget.

Whether you prefer to pay online, by mail or in person, we want to make your experience as pleasant and convenient as possible. Click here to learn more about our payment options and start making your resolutions reality today.

Terry Kemp
General Manager

We are a Water and Electric Utilities Company in Starkville