Two Fast-Charging Electric Vehicle Stations Coming to Downtown Starkville

Latest technology will enhance EV charging speed, convenience, access

Starkville Utilities is moving forward with plans to install two fast-charging electric vehicle charging stations in downtown Starkville to support the growing segment of EV drivers locally and across the region.

Supported through a partnership with the Tennesee Valley Authority, the EV installation project will be partially funded with a $48,060 grant from the Mississippi Department of Environmental Quality with an estimated completion date of Fall 2022.

“This project represents the next milestone in supporting Starkville’s transition to electric transportation,” said Terry Kemp, general manager of Starkville Utilities. “We’ve seen steady growth in EV use since installing charging stations in 2019, and now we’re taking another step into the future by enhancing Starkville’s charging infrastructure and ensuring that we are prepared to support continued EV growth.”

The new charging stations will be located near Starkville Utilities’ headquarters building on North Lafayette Street. TVA will provide 80% of project costs, or $196,240. Starkville Utilities will provide in-kind cost share and will own and operate the charging stations. Installation will be coordinated by Seven States Power Corporation.

The project is part of a regional plan to develop a “safety net” for EV drivers by deploying charging infrastructure across the Tennessee Valley region. The Federal Highway Administration and TVA have set goals to support the availability of public fast charging every 50 miles along major interstates and state highways.

With assistance from Seven States, Starkville Utilities engineers conducted a traffic and EV use study to determine the best locations for fast-charging stations in Starkville. They also researched EV chargers to determine the most cost-effective solution to serve next-generation EV drivers and chose the ChargePoint Express 250.

The new pair of ChargePoint stations will feature DC fast-charging technology and provide up to 125 kilowatts of output.

The time it takes to charge an electric car varies widely and depends on the size of the battery, remaining battery power or state of charge, charging station speed and other factors. With fast-charging technology, many electric cars can receive 100 miles of range in less than 30 minutes.

In addition to encouraging the adoption of EV technology, Starkville’s new charging stations will boost economic development by attracting more EV traffic flow through the downtown area and provide environmental benefits through reduced carbon emissions.

“Developing EV charging infrastructure is part of our Renew Principle commitment to support our community’s growth and quality of life,” Kemp said. “The electricity we provide is starting to play a much greater role in the everyday lives of our customers, and we’re making sure it remains safe, reliable, accessible and affordable for many years to come.”

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